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Hi, I'm Zach. I know that growing a business is hard enough already. Growing one by yourself is even harder.

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Running your own business can be both a blessing and a curse. It can bring so much freedom and joy, but it can also bring tremendous stress and frustration. I get it! I'm one of you. I've been running my own businesses for almost 20 years and I've experienced the joys of success and the pain and fear of failure.

I recently left my job as the Chief Product Officer at an EdTech company and I'm now working on building two new small businesses. I've learned a ton about growing small businesses through the years, both on my own and in the startup world, and I can coach you away from making many of the mistakes that plague small businesses and towards practices that will help you to win.

As an entrepreneur, you're a maverick. You're lean. You're scrappy. You know how to get stuff done! You're smart and tenacious, too. You'll probably figure out how to solve your problems on your own... eventually. But how much time will you waste and how many opportunities will you miss while you figure it out? Let me come alongside you to help you solve the problems that are holding your business back.

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